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Advanced hair removal options from Aesthetic Dermatology and Laser Surgery in Chicago, IL

The modern vision of beauty is – whatever you want it to be. Thanks to the dramatic advances is medical science and technology, you have more control over your appearance than ever before. Dr. Jonith Breadon and the team at Aesthetic Dermatology and Laser Surgery are proud to offer a wide array of dermatological solutions for our Chicago area patients to love their skin and bodies.

If you have hair where you don’t want it, there is no need to struggle with inconvenient and temporary removal techniques. Laser treatment can provide long-lasting results with no stubble and no shaving.

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Five things that you need to know about laser hair removal

It is not really about removal. Although the procedure is called laser hair removal, the term is a bit of a misnomer. It would be better described as hair prevention. Unlike shaving waxing, plucking, and threading, the purpose of this treatment is not to remove hair that has already grown. Instead, it deactivates follicles, preventing new hairs from growing.It’s almost maintenance-free: Over time, a few hairs may appear, usually much smaller in diameter than the original growth in the area. Most patients are advised to schedule a single touch-up appointment annually to avoid regrowth.Treatment takes several sessions: Today’s laser devices work very well on active follicles. Unfortunately, at any given time, some of the follicles are in a resting phase. It will take a series of several carefully timed sessions to effectively treat all follicles in the area.Virtually any area of the body can be treated: Some of the most popular treatment areas include armpits, legs, and bikini area for women. The beard area, back, and chest are common treatment areas for men.Laser therapy is not effective for gray hairs: If you’ve been postponing treatment, be careful that you don’t wait too long. Once hair is gray, it has no melanin (pigment), so lasers won’t work. The same is true of very blonde hairs that have virtually no pigmentation. For these patients, we offer gentle waxing treatments.

How technology has advanced

If you were among the first in line for laser hair removal when it was new, you might have been told that you weren’t a suitable candidate. Early versions of this technology were rather primitive, and it had many limitations. It only achieved reliable results for people with very light skin and dark, coarse hairs. The devices indiscriminately targeted pigment in the skin and hair, making treatment unsafe for patients with dark skin tones. It was unreliable for people with light colored hair. Furthermore, even patients who achieved good results often complained that the process was painful.

You will be happy to know that laser technology has evolved and improved dramatically since it first received FDA clearance more than two decades ago. What has changed?

Safe for all skin colors – The greatest technological breakthrough was the development of “colorblind” lasers. They use a longer light wavelength, which can target follicles while excluding skin pigment.

Effective and predictable – Not only is modern laser treatment safer, it is also more precise. Even fine, light-colored hair generally responds well to treatment.

Gentle procedure – Performance isn’t the only area lasers have improved. Today’s systems also provide a much better patient experience. You might feel a bit of discomfort as the laser zaps away unwanted hair, but most patients describe it as gentler than waxing,

Fast and convenient – Are you worried about making time to sit in the doctor’s office for hours on end, every few weeks? Never fear, speed is one of the areas where laser treatment has advanced dramatically. Today, a small area can be treated in a matter of minutes. Even larger areas can often be treated in an hour or less.

Our office is equipped with the latest technology, so that our patients can benefit from cutting edge dermatological treatments. If you want to find out what modern laser hair removal can do for you, just come in for a consultation. Call Aesthetic Dermatology and Laser Surgery at (855) 400-3818 today and schedule your appointment.

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