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Causes of dark spots addressed by your Chicago dermatologist

Age spots, sun spots, and liver spots are all names for the same condition: dark spots on the skin caused by an increase in the production of melanin. Spots may appear on various parts of the body, typically those that have been most exposed to the sun over the years. No matter where they occur, the hands, the chest, or the face, spots can add years to your appearance. There are various potential causes of dark spots, each of which can be addressed by your experienced dermatologist in Chicago, Dr. Jonith Breadon.

UV and dark spots

Though dark spots may result from hormonal fluctuations, medications, and a few other factors, the primary cause of hyperpigmentation is UV exposure. In the upper layer of skin are melanocytes, cells responsible for giving the skin its color. When exposed to UV, these cells respond by increasing their production of melanin. This is why we get tan when we spend time in the sun or under the lamps of a tanning bed. Over years of exposure, melanin will “clump” together beneath the skin. Eventually these clumps reach the surface and become sun spots or age spots.

Solutions designed just for you

In her Chicago dermatology practice, Dr. Jonith Breadon proudly provides each of her patients with the personal attention their skin needs for the revival of health and beauty. If you wish to liven up the look of your skin, she makes this happen with a plan based on your specific problem and the skin’s natural tone and texture.

Dark spots, in some cases, may respond very well to spa-like chemical peel treatments. This form of care is tailored to the individual and may be light, medium, deep, or anything in between. Light peels are excellent for mild tone and texture concerns, while spots that have been present for some time may need to be treated with a deeper peel. After treatment, the skin may peel for a few days or for several, depending on the strength and the desired outcome. Peels may also be used in conjunction with other forms of treatment, added on as a way to manage skin after the reduction of dark spots.

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Laser treatment

One of the most effective developments for improvement in skin cells is laser treatments. Using specific wavelengths of light with the Alex laser, your physician is able to target melanin that has accumulated and clumped together to form dark spots. Laser treatments target specific areas and leave healthy tissue intact. Through safe, effective treatment sessions, the skin is beautifully rejuvenated.

The sun may have added years to your appearance, but your dermatologist can help you take them off. Call our office at (855) 400-3818

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