• Jonith Breadon, MD

Chemical peel treatment for the reduction of dark spots for our Chicago patients

Chemical peels have been used by estheticians and physicians for many years. The fact that peels can be completely customized makes this form of treatment ideal for many different skin tones, types, and for a range of concerns, both esthetic and medical. Chemical peels are an outstanding treatment option for those who want to get rid of dark spots caused by sun damage or melasma. In our Chicago office, we achieve the desired result with personalized attention.

What the chemical peel does

Multiple layers of cells make up the skin. The top layer often contains dead, damaged cells and debris. A thin layer of cells and substances cover the surface to protect the skin from outside elements. A chemical peel will gently remove this top layer of cells. Because of treatment, the dermatologist is able to not only reveal healthy, vibrant skin but also facilitate the maximum absorption of skin nourishing products.

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What to expect from a chemical peel

Chemical peels are tailored to the patient in every way, including the expected results and commitment to ongoing care. Lighter peels may be so mild that no sensations are felt. The results of a light peel are just as mild. Depending on the extent of discoloration to address and the time in which results are desired, a deeper peel may be more appropriate. The deeper peel will sting slightly and will leave the skin looking pink.

In the days that follow a medium to deep peel, the skin will peel and flake. Dark spots may become darker as cells are released from the surface. As time goes by, these cells will fall off and the underlying skin will appear lighter. It is possible that multiple treatments will be needed to produce optimal results.

Due to a wealth of resources, your dermatologist has a number of ways to help you fight the common signs of aging, including dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. Dr. Breadon is proud to offer her patients options in care. Learn about the treatments right for you in a private consultation.

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