• Jonith Breadon, MD

Chicago, IL dermatologist explains laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is a very popular cosmetic treatment offered through Aesthetic Dermatology and Laser Surgery. Patients in the Chicago, IL area who are struggling with unwanted hair on specific areas of the body can address it permanently with laser hair removal. This treatment is safe, effective, and can provide amazing results with several sessions at our practice.

Dr. Jonith Breadon of Chicago, IL uses state-of-the-art laser devices to target the pigmentation of the hair follicles and deaden them, preventing regrowth. This method can eliminate the time and energy spent shaving, plucking, and waxing areas of the body including:

Bikini line






Laser light targets hair in the active growth cycle, which causes the follicle to stop producing hair. However, more than one session is needed for results. Hair grows in different phases, and they must be in the active growth phase for patients to see noticeable reduction of hair. To achieve permanent results, patients must return to Dr. Jonith Breadon several times, with appointments scheduled a month or two apart, to target all actively growing hair follicles.

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To determine candidacy for laser hair removal, patients should contact Aesthetic Dermatology and Laser Surgery in Chicago, IL to speak with Dr. Jonith Breadon during an initial consultation visit. At this time, patients can ask questions about laser hair removal and find out if it is the best solution for them. With advances in medical technologies, patients of all skin and hair colors can now enjoy laser hair removal, when it was once only reserved for patients with fair skin and dark hair. Ethnic patients can benefit from this service and their lighter-skinned counterparts can, as well.

If you live in the Chicago, IL area and you have considered a quality dermatological team for services such as laser hair removal, contact Dr. Jonith Breadon of Aesthetic Dermatology and Laser Surgery today. She offers a large selection of skin and hair services to enhance the natural beauty of her patients, and she provides exceptional, comprehensive care for both new and existing patients.

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