• Jonith Breadon, MD

Facial rejuvenation with laser treatments in Chicago

The term “laser treatment” may sound futuristic, but at Aesthetic Dermatology and Laser Surgery in Chicago, we utilize facial lasers to treat a variety of common skin conditions. Lasers are extremely effective at targeting deep layers of tissue to deliver results that are long lasting. If you are dealing with acne, sun damage, wrinkles, scarring, or hyperpigmentation, laser facial treatments may be the answer.

Dr. Breadon and her team have years of experience using laser technology to deliver stunning results for patients in Chicago.

One of the most common complaints we have from patients is acne. The condition affects both adolescents and adults and can leave a lasting mark on the face. At our office, we have had success with the Isolaz Acne therapy which can clear pores and the physical effects of acne.

How it works:

Isolaz is a dual treatment that clears pores while destroying acne-causing bacteria. The system uses suction to eliminate excess oil, skin debris, and sebum from your pores. At the same time, acne lesions are removed. The light portion of the treatment comes after the suction, effectively killing the bacteria.

Side effects

After the treatment, patients may notice some redness and even a slight increase in acne on the surface of the skin. While this can be alarming, it’s important to note that these acne lesions were already lurking beneath the skin and will resolve much quicker than before the laser treatment.

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Most patients will notice visible results immediately, although four to six sessions are typically required for long term results. Patients with cystic acne or those with high inflammation may also require prescription medication. After facial laser treatment, we will provide you with proper skin care techniques to avoid acne flare-ups in the future.

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