• Jonith Breadon, MD

Five reasons women choose waxing in Chicago for smooth skin

Many women today are very particular about where on their body they want to have hair. Women, like men, spend countless hours removing unwanted hair from the face, arms, legs, and other areas. While shaving is something most of us learned in adolescence, this practice is actually becoming more and more outdated as new methods and technologies are developed.

If you are tired of the daily or weekly routine of shaving unwanted hair but laser hair removal is not right for your current needs, you may consider the various benefits of waxing in the comfortable Chicago office of your trusted dermatologic team. Dr. Jonith Breadon offers her patients an extensive selection of medical and cosmetic treatments to achieve healthier, more attractive skin. Waxing is one of several esthetician services that our patients enjoy.

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Why waxing is preferred over shaving

Shaving cuts hair at the surface. Waxing pulls hairs from follicles. Removing more hair in a single process leads to longer lasting results.Cutting hair through shaving may also mean cutting or nicking the skin. Nicks from shaving are uncomfortable, and they may leave scars on certain skin types. People with sensitive skin can develop a rash or raised bumps from shaving.Over time, waxing may lead to slowed growth and finer hair.Due to the depth at which hair is removed, the skin is smoother after waxing than shaving.

Because waxing is a process that pulls hairs from their follicles, there is a perception that this treatment is painful. In the hands of a skilled esthetician, however, waxing can be virtually pain-free. Treatment takes only a short time and provides weeks of convenience and satisfaction with the look and feel of your skin.

Waxing can take the place of plucking, shaving, and other methods of hair removal. Our esthetician treats areas including the brows, face, arms, bikini area, and more with gentle efficient hair removal that gets results fast. Feel great about your skin. Contact our office to schedule your hair removal treatment.

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