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Laser treatment a wonderful solution to dark spots for our Chicago patients

Dark spots, called hyperpigmentation, can develop anywhere on the body. When developed in highly visible areas such as the face, dark spots can take a heavy emotional toll. Especially difficult for skin of color, hyperpigmentation results in areas where an excessive amount of melanin accumulates in the skin. Several factors can trigger the formation of dark spots, including:

Too much sun exposure

Acne and acne scarring

Certain medical conditions or medications

A natural response to “damage” from a rash, burn, scratch, surgical incision, or skin treatment

The appearance of a dark spot or spots will be as unique as a person’s individual skin. Some patients visit Dr. Breadon with the complaint of freckles or blotchiness; others have large brown spots or moles that cause concern. Whether a dark spot is a new development or has changed over time, professional evaluation to rule out skin cancer is advised.

Dr. Jonith Breadon is proud to offer her patients a range of treatments for dark spots in her Chicago dermatology office. For men and women who wish to even out the tone of their skin and reduce the appearance of dark spots, laser therapy may be the most efficient choice of dermatologic care. What our patients can count on is our commitment to excellence and individualized care. When you visit Dr. Breadon, she will develop a protocol around your needs and expectations and will explain the details of recommended treatment.

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Laser treatment for dark spots

Laser treatments performed by your skilled skin care specialist provide a non-invasive way to improve the appearance of your skin. Using the Alex laser, Dr. Breadon targets the accumulated melanin beneath the skin in a safe, efficient manner. This device uses alexandrite crystals as the source of laser energy, producing the precise wavelength of red light to achieve the desired result without negatively affecting surrounding tissues. In addition to breaking up pigment in the skin, laser treatments promote the increased production of collagen.

Dark spots can make your skin appear older and unhealthy. Revisit the vibrant skin of your youth with personalized dark spot treatment from Dr. Jonith Breadon. Call (855) 400-3818 to schedule your one on one consultation.

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