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Say goodbye to unsightly leg veins with treatment from your Chicago, IL dermatologist

In the human body are miles of blood-carrying vessels and veins. Some we see just below the surface, and many we do not. In some, veins become dark and swollen due to an impairment in proper function. When dysfunctional veins are near the skin’s surface, they may become very visible. Sometimes, a bulging vein can even become uncomfortable. The good news is that problematic leg veins can be eliminated with treatment from your Chicago, IL dermatologist, Dr. Jonith Breadon.

Sclerotherapy vein treatment

One of the most efficient non-surgical solutions for problematic leg veins is the minimally invasive sclerotherapy procedure. This treatment is performed in your dermatologist’s office in just a few minutes. Sclerotherapy consists of the injection of sclerosing medication into the affected vein or veins. Today’s sclerosing solution contains lidocaine, which provides a greater degree of comfort due to its numbing effects. After the procedure, you can return to your normal activities comfortably with the use of compression garments. It is advisable to wear proper compression garments for a few days after treatment. Your doctor will recommend usage based on the size of the treated veins and your lifestyle habits.

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Sclerotherapy is a treatment that affects problematic veins gradually. When the sclerosing agent contacts the walls of the vein, they become irritated. No pain is experienced through this natural process. When the walls of the vein respond to the sclerosing agent, the vein gradually closes off. The smaller the vein, the more quickly it will close and disappear from sight. Larger veins may need multiple treatments to fully close and fade away. As the treated veins close, they will become lighter. As the weeks pass, the vein will become less and less noticeable until it is completely gone.

Treating veins safely and effectively

Sclerotherapy is used by leading dermatologists and vein specialists for the effective resolution of unwanted veins. Eliminating problematic varicose and spider veins with sclerotherapy has no detrimental impact on natural blood flow. Blood is simply redirected to a healthy vein. In the end, removing veins that are not moving blood efficiently can improve circulation.

Say goodbye to unsightly, uncomfortable veins. Contact our office to schedule your vein consultation.

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