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What is the benefit of Isolaz laser treatment near me in Chicago?

If you have struggled with getting the results you want from over-the-counter acne medication, a visit with Dr. Jonith Breadon can be the step that makes a world of difference. Acne is not “one size fits all.” Treatment for acne should be – and can be – tailored to your skin type and severity of acne. Isolaz is an innovative laser treatment designed to clean pores and clear acne from the inside out, and is a popular option in our office.

There are several benefits to Isolaz laser treatment. If you’re wondering “what is the right acne treatment near me?,” contact our Chicago office to learn more about your options. This in-office treatment requires no numbing or penetration of the skin. It can be used as the sole treatment or may be combined with other acne solutions such as topical or oral medication.

The broadband laser delivers energy to affected skin to accomplish to primary goals:

Clear clogged pores

Destroy acne-causing bacteria

Isolaz acne treatment accomplishes these goals with the combination of laser energy and gentle suction. The device extracts excess sebum, oil, dirt, and debris from pores. Along with these substances, bacteria that irritate the skin are also removed. The flash of light energy destroys bacteria on contact, inhibiting activity and decreasing the risk of further breakouts.

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Why Isolaz is popular?

One of the best things about Isolaz acne treatment with your Chicago dermatologist is that the skin begins to look and feel better very quickly after treatment. With repeat, pain-free treatments, it is possible to experience clearer, healthier skin as the new norm.

Isolaz is an excellent solution for many people with mild to moderate acne. In consultation with board-certified dermatologist Dr. Breadon, you can discover the best treatment plan to suit your needs and expectations. In some instances, it is most beneficial to treat acne with a combination of modalities, such as Isolaz and medication. In addition to treating existing acne, Dr. Breadon will work with you to design the best skin care regimen to keep pores clear and skin healthy.

Acne is not your fault. This common problem is linked to hormonal changes and bacteria that naturally live on the skin. To break the cycle of acne, call your Chicago dermatologist at (855) 400-3818.

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