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What might laser hair reduction near me in Chicago require?

Unwanted hair can pose a significant concern, taking a great deal of precious time out of a person’s day. Men and women who are tired of spending too much of their time on grooming and removing unwanted hair or feeling embarrassed about hair in undesirable areas are encouraged to explore their option for laser hair reduction.

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Why find treatment near me in Chicago?

Laser hair reduction is simple and convenient, achieving results that last many years. In just a few treatment sessions with your experienced practitioner, it is possible to have smooth, hair-free skin on areas such as the face, chest, underarms, bikini area, back, and more. Throughout the process, the inclusion of a few steps can maximize the effects of each laser treatment.

There are various types of lasers designed for hair reduction. Dr. Jonith Breadon has spent a great deal of time considering the options for her patients, and has selected her hair removal device very carefully. Although every person is different, and will respond uniquely to laser treatment, most experience very mild side effects, if any at all.

The most commonly experienced side effect after treatment is slight redness and sensitivity. This is temporary and feels like nothing more than a slight sunburn to most people. To reduce any discomfort, a cold compress may be applied to the treatment area as needed. With this remedy alone or even with no after-care, this mild effect will quickly fade.

One of the best things we can do for our skin is to ensure it is adequately moisturized, especially after sun exposure or laser treatment. When moisturizing the skin, it is extremely important to choose products wisely. Many of the commercial lotions that are popular today give off a wonderful scent. At the same time, they have the potential to dry the skin rather than pamper it due to the alcohol included in formulation. While undergoing laser hair removal, we encourage our patients to use a high-quality moisturizer designed for sensitive skin.

Sun protection is always important. During laser hair removal treatment, which may span a few months, the skin should be adequately protected from the sun and other forms of UV exposure, such as tanning beds. Not only can sun exposure cause dryness and irritation, but tanning can get in the way of the best results from treatment.

Finally say goodbye to unwanted hair. Call for your consultation.

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