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Will basal cell carcinoma require mole removal surgery near me in Chicago?

It is an unfortunate fact that skin cancer, the abnormal development of skin cells, is a common problem treated by today’s dermatologist. The cause of skin cancer is a mutation in the DNA of skin cells. Most often, this mutation is associated with damage resulting from excessive UV exposure. There are various types of skin cancer, named for the cells involved in the condition. Basal Cell carcinoma is one of the most common forms of skin cancer treated today.

Basal cells make up the epidermis, the uppermost layer of skin. Mutation within these cells leads to basal cell carcinoma. Most often, this type of skin cancer is localized and it does not metastasize to other areas. As such, there is rarely the threat to health and life from basal cell carcinoma. There is, however, the concern of visible damage as healthy tissues are destroyed by those that have mutated. If not treated, basal cell carcinoma can result in noticeable disfigurement. To address basal cell lesions, mole removal surgery may be discussed. If there is the question, “Should I see a dermatologist near me for an abnormal growth?” we encourage you to visit our Chicago area dermatology practice. Obtaining an accurate diagnosis is better than waiting to see if an abnormality could be skin cancer.

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Mysterious lumps, bumps, and spots are common. The question is whether a growth is harmless. When should you see your physician for a growth? The broad answer is whenever a mole, spot, or bump concerns you. More specifically, however, there are characteristics of growths that may indicate unhealthy mutation:

A colored or flesh-toned bump that is shiny

A shiny or waxy scar-like spot

A sore that oozes, bleeds, and crusts over, seeming to heal only to recur in a few days or weeks

A patch of red or irritated skin on the legs, chest, arms, shoulders, face, or other area typically exposed to the sun.A pink growth that has an indentation in the center

A wait and see approach is not wise when the outcome can affect your health and wellbeing. Dr. Jonith Breadon performs comprehensive skin cancer screenings and precise mole removal surgery in her Chicago practice as needed for the treatment of cancerous growths. To schedule your screening, call (855) 400-3818.

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