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With various types of chemical peels, your Chicago dermatologist has solutions for acne prone skin

For a number of reasons, medical and cosmetic dermatology has relied heavily on chemical peels to achieve various goals in patient care. Because there are numerous types of chemical peels, it is possible for Chicago dermatologist Jonith Breadon to provide her patients with individualized care. With a customized treatment plan, patients find that they can address everything from acne to age spots.

Acne-prone skin and chemical peel treatment

The chemical peel is designed to exfoliate the skin manually. Rather than doing so by abrading the skin, this treatment encourages exfoliation naturally via the precise application of chemicals. A light peel will remove debris, oil (sebum), dead skin cells, and cosmetics from the pores, leaving them clear and healthier. In a short treatment session, a light peel will accomplish a great deal. The immediate effect of a peel may be slight redness and potentially a bit of dryness that can be relieved with moisturizer.

Due to the mild nature of the light chemical peel, it is possible to receive this treatment every month or so to keep the pores clear and the skin vibrant. In addition to maintaining clearer skin, the peel will also work against the signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. Combined with routine peels, patients are encouraged to follow a recommended skin care program designed around their skin type and specific needs.

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Acne scarring and chemical peel treatment

Prompt, tailored acne treatment is vital to healthy, clear skin. Without it, there is a risk for scarring. Acne scars may look raised or may appear as dark spots on the skin. Depending on the severity of acne, scars may be actual “pits” in the skin. These may be small and deep or wide and shallow. Either way, pitting can have an enormous impact on appearance and on self-confidence.

When acne leaves dark marks on the skin, chemical peel treatment may lighten hyperpigmentation and even tone and texture. Deeper scars, however, may be best treated with an alternative therapy such as dermal fillers or laser resurfacing. Dr. Breadon is experienced in the various modalities effective in the fight against acne and acne scars. Contact our office for your appointment today.

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